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As restaurateurs recruited by the KGB

Agree, very few people able to demonstrate good spirits earlier in the morning before the first cup of coffee. Among this minority consists Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco. His morning begins at 8 am at the coffee shop Costa Coffe, ordering his first day he is full of cappuccino and energy. Ten years ago he wore a beard and was more like a bard than a successful businessman. Now he settled down, shaved off his beard, but still a joke, a voice recorder shouting “Alla!”. And this is where tens of thousands of millionaires are experiencing financial problems.

Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco in a coffee shop Costa Coffee

Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco in a coffee shop Costa Coffee

What are the problems in the economy? “At this time in chocolate – parries restaurateur, whose restaurant’s empire of 450 institutions of” Planet Sushi »,« Il Patio “,” Rostik-KFC », etc. – This is a crisis of the West.” On the crisis, he argues professionally, as experienced 5th account crisis, two crises in Venezuela (84th and 89th year), one in the USSR (1991) and one in Russia (in 1998).

Incurring losses every time he took up his cause with a double emphasis. The result: a company founded by his efforts Rostik International today operates the largest network in Russia cafes, coffee shops and restaurants, the aggregate revenues of over $ 430 million, “I think now everything will be fine” – persuades the entrepreneur.

Ancestors restaurateur also in crisis and more than once. Nicholas Ordovsky-Tanaevsky – Rostislav great-grandfather, was a gentry family, which has been known since the XVI century. As governor of Tobolsk, in the rank of Councillor of State, before it reached the edge of the revolution of February 1917. From the proletarian terror he went with his son Nicholas in Serbia. There was already born, his grandson, the father of Rostislav Vadim. After the Second World War, Serbia occupied Germany. After its defeat over the “white” immigrants to be issued by the hanging threat of the USSR. Together with other friends in misfortune Vadim fled to Venezuela. There he married a Spaniard named Genoveve Blanco.

In Caracas – the capital of Venezuela, Rostislav parents belonged to the first trade center. The first floor is a shop on the second floor of the family itself lived Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco. They profited not only from the rent of the shopping center, but also a furniture store that was in the same shopping center. His father was designing furniture and ordered production of the mills, and his mother watched the trade. Small Rostislav helped load and unload the machine with the goods, but the work he quickly got bored. “He has a special vision, – said second cousin Constantine Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky. – Where I observe, for example, a beautiful tree, he sees business opportunities from furniture to toothpicks. ”

Rostislav find opportunities to earn right in the mall. Being in the age of thirteen he started to organize parties there: invited guests, sell tickets, made arrangements with artists, working as a real producer. After high school, and then the cadet corps, organized by the emigrants, Rostislav went to university, where he received a profession of chemical engineer. At the same time in parallel continue to make money on sales of tape recorders, which are put under implementation in the shop of his father. At 21, Rostislav took the first loan from a bank (the guarantor was again father and uncle) and he had begun to import to Venezuela, video and audio equipment. He also opened a sewing studio and created a few points on the film development and sale of film Kodak.

Do you think if it was easy to do business? “Venezuela is in almost all similar to any post-Soviet country. Double-entry bookkeeping and tax evasion at the time were considered almost a national sport “- recalls Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco, admitting that never missed an opportunity to reduce the customs value of imported goods.

Customs officials who turn a blind eye to some tricks with the declarations of the entrepreneur gave samples of imported technology. He also did not forget to present their latest models bankers expensive Japanese TV.

In 1980, at 22, Rostislav registered his own company called Rostik International. The name evolved from his own name, which he called the family and its international ambitions. Initially, the company bought the rights to reproduction of films. For example, an unlimited right to copy a picture with Jean-Paul Belmondo simply dispensed only $ 100. But on this product does not get rich – we needed a contract with one of Hollywood’s majors. A pipe dream for a small cottage studio, do you think? Ordovsky-Tanaevsky thought otherwise. He noted that Kodak to market their own video format, VHS, made an offer for cooperation: on an equal footing to create a company that would have exclusive rights to sell Disney Studios production in Venezuela, on cassette Kodak. Companies like the plan and the winner turned out to be everything. Kodak sold the tape, Disney received royalties, and the owners of the video studio – all that was possible to earn in excess of this. Success magazine with a circulation of 8,000-10,000 scattered instances of what has been a great success.

Because erupted in Venezuela in 1989, established business of the financial crisis broke. The local currency sharply devalued, at a time when Disney insisted record royalties in dollars. Rostislav closed the studio and the equipment sold. The position was not enviable entrepreneur, with another business – the supply of medical equipment from U.S. to Venezuela, which he created with his second cousin Constantine – also had to close, the reason was the rapid decline of the national currency in 1984.

But at Rostislav was another passion – it’s the Soviet Union. When he arrived at the festival in Tashkent in 1984, the land of their ancestors, is not buying no one film, he met with Svyatoslav Fyodorov, a famous Soviet surgeon. After that, Rostislav, invited to a congress of Fedorov in Venezuela, where it was not so easy to get. He had to invent artless scheme, since at that time in the Soviet Union to exist an implicit limit, which restricted zagranpoezdki of the Union, only to leave the Union could be twice a year. Fedorov has used one, and the second trip was planned for the Congress of the United States. Rostislav devised a scheme to bring as Fedorov straight to Venezuela from the United States. For this he had to shake its old ties with their bankers (most likely those to whom he presented the Japanese TV). One of them in New York was a branch, and branches were in direct communication with the consulate in Venezuela. He was fast enough to get a visa and he flew to the Venezuelan Congress, where he had allowed the Union instead of 3 days a week. The visit of Fedorov, a businessman, organized by the method of Fedorov training Venezuelan doctors treating myopia, and began selling diamond scalpels Fedorov. The entire volume of transactions was around $ 100 000, and Ordovsky-Tanaevsky earned them about 20%. “Good money” – says Rostislav.

But it was negligible compared with what the consumer market was deserted in the USSR. In 1989 he moved to the USSR Rostislav. Moving largely contributed to his marriage to dancer ensemble “Birch” (they are still together, they have two sons). Moving Ordovsky-Tanaevsky engaged in the most understandable for him in business – developer and marketing films Kodak.

When I flew to meet him, it was in 1989 in Moscow, he lived with his father in the hotel “Minsk”, – remembers Eric Barray, who was then the representative of Kodak in Paris. – Two small rooms replaced the office and living room and bedroom. We had a deal for the supply of chemicals and developing machine, and film. The first steps were not easy.

TV presenter Sergei Dorenko met Ordovsky-Tanaevsky in 1980, while in Latin America, says on its website, as Rostislav had not easy to make payments on loans and pay for a hotel, he had to fly from Russia to Germany and back to buy a few computers to sell them in Moscow. “He briefly lived in debt, he did not have enough money for a hotel … I was amused his folly,” – writes Dorenko.

The first salon Ordovsky-Tanaevsky appeared in Tallinn, then – in Kiev, Leningrad, Tbilisi, Yerevan and Moscow. To access the point of selling video in the same Moscow, it was necessary to negotiate with officials. “Then it was much easier than it is today” – says Rostislav. In the Moscow Soviet, foreigners have been unusual. Although the classrooms still had to run: “It was management of consumer services citizens with them, I arranged to film development. But the film also had to sell, and that is control of trade. It turned out that exercise and sell the film in one location can not be a film, respectively, can, where you sell. ”

Ordovsky-Tanaevsky soon opened a shop under the name “Focus Kodak-Express» across the country, and ten years later stores were already about three hundred. But the crisis of 1998 severely affected the business, and it was closed, also contributed to this rostuschaya competition and progress, digital cameras is rapidly replacing film.

Foreshadowing the same progress in the chance to rebuild Rostislav business and save the company: in 1996, developed rapidly and mobile Ordovsky-Tanaevsky managers gave the job to negotiate with the cellular operator “VimpelCom” cooperation, “Focus” at the time was the largest retail network in the country and a chance to gain a foothold in the market as a platform for the sale of mobile phones and pay for most communications. But so was unable to agree. “I have not followed the progress of the negotiations, and yet at the” Focus “had every chance to become a” Euroset “- Rostislav rasskayvaet. Adds: “And maybe for the better.” Recently, several top managers “Euroset” were taken into custody, and the network itself, with huge debts sold.

But in 1996 at the “Focus” was a chance to escape. When beginning to develop mobile, Rostislav instructed managers to agree to cooperate with a cellular operator “VimpelCom”. “Focus” was the only major retailer in the country – great for buying mobile phones and payment due. But cooperation has not developed. “I have not watched [the negotiations], and in fact the” Focus “would become” Euroset “, but he did not” – says Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco. He adds: “Perhaps it’s better.” A few months ago, two managers, “Euroset” were arrested, and the network itself, burdened with huge debts, sold.

Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco to delve into the details of the negotiations for cooperation with cellular operators were busy, as all the forces in the second direction uhodily businesses – restaurants, which is rapidly developing.

In Russia, the employer continued to operate under the same name – Rostik International. Since 1984 Ordovsky-Tanaevsky tried to persuade Burger King (the second largest fast-food seller, after McDonald’s) to open a snack in the Soviet Union. Failed to agree. Soon he decided to act independently. But I soon realized that a large network alone will not build it, decided to open a classic restaurant. Thus in 1990 there was a restaurant El Rincon Espanol – «Spanish Corner”, he was placed in the lobby of the hotel “Moscow”.

“It was one of the first real European restaurants in Moscow. There was always full of room, all paid currency. I still remember these shrimp in a spicy sauce. True, they were non-kosher “, – says Yuri Glotser, business partner, Rostik.

In the same 90-year return of Yuri’s brother Joseph Glotser, who was serving an eight-year term for speculation. Helen, his wife was her best friend’s wife, Rostislav – Tatiana. Businessman just needed someone who knew how to behave in a dramatically heightened criminal situation, which began in the nineties.

Conviction did not deter a businessman Glotser and he took it to work. Rostislav believed that at that time called speculators those who are now called businessmen. “He helped me a lot. A unique person, he could convince anyone, always was the soul of the company and knew very well the Russian mentality “- carefully formulated restaurateur. “Joneken (so named in his close circle) found a common language with everybody and he could sit at a table of General Internal Affairs and” authority “- says about his brother Yuri Glotser.

How Joseph Glotser contributed to the development Rostik? For example, a delay in Brest at the Customs container with pork from Spain (in Russia imposed a ban on pork imports after swine epidemic in Spain), Joseph went out there and let in the meat into the country by taking out a German. He also had his own restaurant, but he had a dream to open the first in Moscow striptease club. So there was a club Dolls on Red Presnya. But in 1997, at the entrance to the club, ironically Glotser Joseph was killed.

For which he was killed by Joseph Glotser? In September 2008 the court – which was named the culprit in the murder, it was a full-time killer Orekhov, Alexey Sherstobitov medvedkovskoy gang (named Alex Soldier). He “earned” 23 years in prison for several crimes. Customer is not calculated. Sherstobitov suggested that this matter may be involved Tarantsev Alexander, president of the company “Russian gold” which has been a longtime Glotser conflict. Tarantsev all charges dismissed in the press and has put forward its own version: As if Glotser collecting dirt on influential people in the club, for which he was injured.

Ordovsky-Tanaevsky relied not Joseph, not only as a “connoisseur of Russian mentality.” He persuaded the company to pass the Russian Interior Ministry Kodak photographic and darkroom kit valued at $ 100 000. Rostislav stressed that it was not a bribe, rather a “goodwill gesture”. After that, later in Rostik, new links and some useful aura that the company in charge of the Interior Ministry.

There were other patrons. His leadership in business as a foreigner in the Soviet Union did not remain unnoticed by the KGB. Beginning in 1989, according to businessman all his friends and colleagues have visited all-powerful committee. By 1991, the committee attempted to recruit Ordovsky-Tanaevsky. Thus he learned that his comrade in the Chamber of Commerce is his “personal curator” of the KGB. But to cooperate with the state security descendant of “white” immigrants refused, but the committee members still maintained friendly relations.

By 1993, the company took Rostik good positions, the company opened the restaurant “Le Chalet”, “Rostic” – fast-food restaurant, as well as the first restaurant of the future network throughout the CIS “Patio Pizza” (now known as «Il Patio”). In addition, Eric Barray, who retired from Kodak has joined the Rostik and began to import video and audio cassettes. Of course all of this caught the attention of criminal organizations and to Ordovsky-Tanaevsky frequent unpleasant people.

Then he contacted his “supervisor” and asked him to organize the security service. “He took enough trained and well-known member of a high post, who just resigned,” – says Rostislav, however, the name of “employee” and he did not name. “It was a serious level,” – said a businessman. He headed the Security Service until 2003.

By 2004, the company has turned a business with Kodak. Ordovsky-Tanaevsky focused on the development of restaurants. After “Rostik” and “Patio Pizza”, he created a network of Japanese restaurants, “Planet Sushi” and bought the franchise for American restaurants Friday’s. Under management by 2004 there were about 130 establishments.

The era of modern times: restaurateurs had to find a common language with the officials and not to make a showdown with the bandits. In March 2004, Ordovsky-Tanaevsky took to his Boris Nemtsov, the position of “advisor”, a former deputy prime minister, the governor of Nizhny Novgorod, as well as the former leader of the SPS faction in the Duma. Before that in 2004, the Germans failed in the elections and the ATP was not included in the State Duma.

Ordovsky-Tanaevsky talking about Nemtsov about as well as of Joseph Glotser: “Boris is very much helped us, he knows Russia very well.” According to him, Nemtsov give advice, “go where you go, whom to go,” Rostik recommended at different levels of executive power. He also helped develop the business Rostik in Ukraine, southern Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod. In 2006, resigned as counselor, but friendly relationship remained.

At the moment, Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco feels confident. The group of companies Rostik International has five divisions. “Rostik-KFC» half belongs to the American Yum! Brands, which has 152 fast food with revenues of $ 164 million

In “Rostik” includes other institutions – “Planet Sushi», «Il Patio», Friday’s, Costa Coffee chain, etc. There are about three hundred institutions of the total revenue of about $ 268 million “Rosinter Restaurants” in 2007 made the IPO. Papers are not quite liquid, the capitalization of the company at the peak of $ 700 million, but fell sharply in October to $ 337 million, even a little below the level obtained in the placement of shares on the exchange.

Holding “CorpEstate” – another component of the business, it manages all the real estate group, including head office – the former building of the Institute of Glass. In 1998, Rostik acquired “Carlson tourism” – travel agency, thus opening a tourism department. Finally, the fifth line of a few hypermarkets “captivity” to the witness for their health.

What will happen with the group in the future? Rostislav not afraid of difficulties, but from something still has to give. Recently Ordovsky-Tanaevsky 50 years old.

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