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Russian-Ukrainian conflict: Causes and Consequences

Dear citizens ! Usually our editorial writes about the political life of the country, because we sincerely believe that the present policy and not corrupt business two bipolar components, but you can not think about the economy, the political situation in the country is appalling. Now the information field of the country very oversaturated, and understand who stood for what is very difficult, so we decided to explain some of the processes of government and express their views, uncut, what is happening in the country and abroad.

Began Maidan?

We previously wrote about the error that made Mr. Azarov , preparing an association agreement, but in the end nothing else as ” throwing ” people and their expectations in their rhetoric turned 180 degrees to Russia. He did it as a result of twisted nuts from Russia and Mr Putin’s uncontested petition. Of course, now we understand that for Gingerbread promised at that meeting Putin Yanukovych before the historic decision on the failure to sign the association with the EU in November, this carrot steel gas prices drop to $ 268.5 per thousand cubic meters and $ 15 billion loan to Ukraine. Yanukovych had no choice, because the nose elections, and the treasury is empty, robbed her or not effectively used, it must decide the competent authorities, but the fact remains, the solution is not formed Yanukovych in Ukraine.

We return to the protests. These decisions are a cause for peaceful protests that were definitely into the hands of the then opposition in the face of ” famous three”. However, unlike Yanukovich, the opposition is almost always seen and heard protests. Recall “tax maidan ” in Tymoshenko as a result of which almost all were canceled contradictory norms Denisova ( and including ERU ), and remember the “tax maidan ” under Yanukovych, where the nuts are so twisted that people were happy, and it just would not tighten the screws (ERU remained in force ). In the end, Yanukovych decided to accelerate and strangle already dying Maidan ( Independence to remind then remained only students ). The next day to see pictures have already spread all over the world, and the reaction of the West has not found himself waiting Yanukovich received is directly proportional to the fact that planned to get even bigger headache in the form of protests and weekly Chamber. Certainly provocations were as one and on the other hand, is an integral part of any protests, but to the contrary, to put out a protest, to compromise, the power to protect their hires controversial decisions in the face of the criminal element of the so-called ” titushek ” Berkut relocate from all areas, furthermore gives weapon ” titushkam “, and with the acquiescence of exports allows people in the forest and to intimidate and eliminate particularly active, which in itself is a direct provocation. After these events, the men of the Right sector clearly decided to equip activists in response to aggression by the police and the criminal element. Rocked the cradle, as a result of about 100 dead, nearly 300 have disappeared. Who is to blame, Golden Eagle ? Right quadrant ? Certainly not, Berkut obeys orders, yes, it has inadequate personality, people without morals, but they are in the right sector, the ratio of bad guys than its quantity. Blame Yanukovych, who fired just not Azarov, not a difficult decision, not when the people heard, and tighten the screws with the tacit consent of the Minister of Interior allowed to shoot people who armed only answer.

Why all this Russia ?

Ukraine even economically and politically weakened plays a very important geopolitical role in the Eurasian continent, the impact of which is lost in the case of European integration processes, furthermore automatically lost leverage and pressure on it that is not included in the plan of recreating the great Russian empire. Prosperity neighbor in political and economic terms is not profitable, the Russians too are closely watching the Ukraine and if they see that there is a democracy, freedom of speech, prosperity, it’s sure to spur the massive unrest in Russia, which has already happened more than once. This theory is supported by recent attempts to drag Ukraine into the Customs Union, which does not want to go even pro-Russian Party of Regions. Yanukovych has canceled the European integration, because of the forthcoming presidential elections, and he needed the money to ” throw a bone” to the electorate, as the Hanged pensions and other social services. standards for these purposes have been allocated $ 15 billion the government.


Let’s return to action in the Ukraine. All that is happening now in the Crimea professionally planned somewhere in the Lubyanka. It is very noticeable on handwriting past events.

One has only to look at the course of action in the Crimea from the Russian Federation, as not even the most politicized citizen will appreciate that about any self-defense, to protect the Russian parliament and in the Crimea, which they say pro-Russian Crimean parliament is not the question. Just for one day ( 28.02.2014 ) was made unauthorized mass action on the part of the Russian Federation:

  1. Enter heavily armed men unmarked in the Crimean parliament.
  2. Capture Simferopol airport Bel’bek.
  3. Allocation of funds and the organization of meetings pro-Russian citizens.
  4. Creating checkpoints in Jankoi at the entrance to the Crimea and elsewhere.
  5. Block Balaklava bay missile boats of the Russian Navy. Blocking protection and patrol the coast of the Ukrainian Navy.
  6. redeployment of troops from Russia in the form of 10 vertolelov MI-2 with naval infantry on board.

The next day 01.03.2014 organized rallies held in Kharkiv, Donetsk, Mykolayiv. People allegedly Ukrainian citizens (although there are clear facts that 90 % of Russia is on tour with obvious Russian accent) come with flags of Russia and shout about joining Russia.

Of course the main purpose of this scenario – to provoke military response to these cheeky provocation to photograph this image, ” how much hurt Bandera Russian population in Crimea” and justify the introduction of the occupation troops and the Crimean peninsula. The most important thing for Ukrainian officials and citizens – to remain calm and not to play the script written in the Kremlin, and then very soon, Russia will have to explain what makes her troops on the territory of a sovereign and independent state of Ukraine.

PS: And take and sign this association Yanukovych all could have been avoided, but as they say “have what we have”.

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