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Business Secrets: Leonid Shutov

The restaurant owner Bob Bob Ricard, Leonid Shutov in the “business secrets with Oleg Tinkoff”.

Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky: The first Soviet businessman

Rostislav Ordovsky created his first business at the beginning of Russia’s perestroika. He now owns the networks, “Planet Sushi”, “IL Patio», TGI Friday’s, etc.

Larissa Nevidaylo: I used to take oysters contraband

A former teacher and now a leading restaurateur Tyumen Larisa Nevidaylo opened his first restaurant 18 years ago, laying for that apartment. She now owns a network of 22 schools and knew that he loved book to the table, Sergei Sobyanin.

Kirill Gusev: Italian

Kirill Gusev, owner of 14 restaurants, talked about the most in demand in Russia, the kitchen, why young restaurateurs are going bankrupt and the pitfalls of the restaurant business.

6 errors restaurateur in HR

International consultant, past the path from waiter to manager, shares his experience.

Experience restaurateur: thinking out loud

The monologue of the owner of a small but very popular restaurant.

Open restaurant: how to avoid becoming a twin

Opening the restaurant look as if not to open a restaurant like that one over there around the corner.

To combat theft

If you do not control everything – restaurant stolen in two weeks.

Which restaurant to open

Most promising projects are aimed at the daily demand. Projects such as fast casual, casual dining, fast food.

Open restaurant: calculation

The main items of expenditure.