ресторанный бизнес | Предприниматель - Part 3

Записи с меткой ‘ресторанный бизнес’

Japanese lesson from Nobu

Six secrets of the world-famous Japanese chef and restaurateur Nobu Matsuhisa opened on equal footing with actor Robert De Niro, 21 restaurants around the world.

Arkady Novikov: Siren — my first restaurant

In this short video interview with Arkady Novikov is divided about the difficulties of his undertakings, what is the difference from the red jacket leather jacket and why the fish, not meat.

Arkady Novikov: The problem of restaurateurs — all stolen!

Visiting Oleg Tinkoff’s most famous Moscow restaurateur Arkady Novikov. What you need to know to young restaurateurs to open a successful restaurant? Why Arkady Novikov became a member of the party “United Russia”? Why Novikov restaurants exchanged views on the beautiful Italian nature?

As restaurateurs recruited by the KGB

Serious troubles with the owner of “Rosinter” was enough. Bribery of customs officials in Venezuela, the death of a former business partner recruitment to the KGB – of all the problems he left with dignity.

The path of successful restaurateur

Michael Zelman – the founder of a chain of restaurants, “Goodman,” talks about the restaurant business and his father.

Production plant for restaurants

В холдинге Ginza Project не имели представления о ресторанном бизнесе. Что в итоге?

For a while the restaurant will bring loss

Roman Rozhnikovsky – restaurateur. Tells whether to open a restaurant now.

The Moscow experience: analyst

Return on average restaurant in Moscow — 15%.

Timothy: We have two restaurants with Novikov

As Timothy has achieved success? What was done to make a successful brand name? Visiting Oleg Tinkoff said the idol of youth, in addition to what the music and how to make money.