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“The Ukrainian market” and PFTS can unite

Recently the board of directors of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX), which had previously acquired a controlling stake in its Russian rival, RTS, held merger MICEX and RTS. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RTS, Jacques Der Megreditchian said it was likely to result merger of two Ukrainian “daughters” – the Ukrainian PFTS stock exchange and.

When making a purchase it was announced that shareholders of PTC rated the company at $ 1,15-1,2 billion Thus for the purchase of 50% of the MICEX paid $ 600 million in the remaining 50% are a number of companies – from the “Troika Dialog” and “KIT Finance” by 10%, Alfa-Bank and “Aton” have at 9.8%, and the “Deutsche Securities” 9%, other shares are held by individuals.

As you know owns a controlling stake MICEX stock exchange PFTS, and RTS owns approximately 40% of the Ukrainian Stock Exchange.

“Ukraine – a large and promising country. Any state of this magnitude deserves to own the financial market “, – explains Jacques Der Megreditchian.

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