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Successful negotiations with representatives of Generation Y

Specialist negotiating shares tips on how to manage people born in the 1980-1990 ‘s.

55 -year-old vice president of the company was very angry. It is not time that morning asked his secretary to call the 31 -year-old PR- manager Dimitri. He still does not have a copy of the report , and the meeting on the nose. But Dmitry , instead of answering the call, sms sent to the chief , ” I’ll call you later.” But the call never came, and instead it was the second sms: “Report in your inbox from Saturday .” Vice – president of the company should read this article before you dismiss Dmitry . Generation Y people are different. They think differently and act differently. With them not turn out to work if they do not understand . And without them, the entire company can be lost .

If you are one of the leaders of the company, then surely the most promising employees will be people who belong to the generation Y. To this generation includes all those born in the 1980s and 1990s , and now they have become managers in companies. They are many of my students : they are all well- dressed, well aware that they speak English, but they prefer to answer in Russian , they have plates in their hands and they prefer to perform multiple tasks simultaneously . They may learn and at the same time to work . All of them are talented, do not praise the authorities are contradictory and can not concentrate on one thing for a long time . They can get bored quickly , so choose the social and professional mobility instead of a stable workplace. To find a common language with them , you should follow a few rules :

1. Give them a chance to speak. They are very annoyed when they interrupt . If your negotiations last for an hour, let them say 45 minutes. Do not take it as disrespect . This will help you to quickly reach an agreement . And if you want to achieve good results , give them a chance to talk , do not show their power.

2 . After 45 minutes , start to talk . Express slow and clear. You should not talk like them. His proposal ozvuchte in the last 10 minutes : it should sound briefly and clearly . The main rule – speak briefly . No need to explain to them your opinion , as it does not interest them because of something they enjoy and Twitter instead of writing letters . No need to convince them , just let go home , let them think .

3 . It is not necessary to talk about long-term plans : they do not want to think about the distant future. Make plans for next year, but no further. And if both parties will be satisfied at the end of the term , it can always be extended.

4 . Evaluate them on achievements , not by how much time they spend at work. Relationships are not interested , they are interested in the result. Therefore, any financial relationships must be present financial rewards for certain achievements , not for the time worked in the company.

5 . It is not necessary to delay the negotiations with them : one or two meetings , but no more. And attempts to delay the process can have you harm. The people of this generation are very comfortable feel in limbo .6. They are familiar with the notion of deadline . And if they did rip off , make them pay. Do not forget that they need the money more than a good relationship.7. Do not forget that the people of this generation are very inconsistent . Therefore, they should not be asking ” Why ? ” , Control them with actions.

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