Alexander Yaroslavsky: I do not care market to roll down or go up. The main thing is not standing still | Предприниматель

Alexander Yaroslavsky: I do not care market to roll down or go up. The main thing is not standing still

Continued interview with the owner of the Ukrainian Pravda Ukrsibbank, DCH group i of the club “Metalist” Alexander Yaroslavsky. The first part is available here: Alexander Yaroslavsky: Where am I and where the policy? “I am a simple guy from the Ukrainian Kharkiv”.

There is information that you have large amounts of cash. If we talk about the risks of economic development – in the case of a new round of crisis, what do you do?

– Making money. (laughs) important thing is that the situation does not stand still to be motion or there, or here.

– What is the recipe from Yaroslavl to save their money?

– Get up early, at six o’clock in the morning and early to bed. The whole day more productive.

– with a sense of humor, you have everything in order. You analyze the situation – when Ukraine may restore economic growth?

– It is. What did the streets become less “Mercedes”?

– This is the shadow economy.

– What is the difference, the shadow or not? People quietly walk to wean red. Once otuchatsya.

– It is believed that the situation now hold up to the election, and after them will be a complete collapse.

– I do not live from election to election, I will openly say it again. For me, wondering when the situation is not static. I do not care – whether it is heading down or go up. There is an opportunity to earn and at the trend, and on that one.

– What are the forecasts for the housing market?

– So far no positive premises, I do not see. The market stands and will stand.

– How many of you in general areas of the country?

– Two in the center of Kharkov, and two in Kiev – Podol, a former brick factory “Keramperlit.” There I was planning a business center and even drafted. A second site in Kiev – the project “Hem Business Park.”

I froze them in time, and I think the next three years there is nothing I will not do. Until then, until the bank lending for construction.

– Chemistry is also dropped, you do not do construction. What is your primary business right now?

– We sell the securities. Although the level of profitability fell significantly.

– In response to the crisis within the framework of your DCH Group was held some sort of optimization?

– Of course. It was a serious reduction, optimization, and minimization. Although we do not have inflated.

Ярославский. Справа от него - владелец химзавода "Стирол" Янковский. Фото пресс-службы президента

Yaroslavsky. Right - the owner of a chemical plant, "Styrene" Jankowski. Photos of the presidential press service

– At one time you bought a stock bank “Nadra”, but then sold it. What was the meaning of this operation?

– It was a speculative transaction – I bought 24%. And then Eremeev and its partners in the bank bought it back shares.

– Graduated from the bank “Nadra” sad. What was their mistake?

– The fact that they have not sold it to me. I’m not kidding – I asked them to sell the entire bank. Then, this business has been booming, had every opportunity to earn good money on it. The bank then you could well pack up and sell to foreigners. But the owners of “Nadra” ran late. They are, first, bad managers, and secondly – bad business. That, in principle, the same thing. And I do not know how much the bank now stands.

– What makes Ukrsibbank survived? Where you made mistakes?

– I do not make mistakes anywhere. The bank I bought when he was one building in the city of Kharkiv.

– Ukrsibbank you bought from Oleg Taranov?

– Yes, Oleg Taranov in 1995, over 20 thousand dollars. He asked a lot of money. I told him: “I’ll pay for this product so much. (Yaroslavl carefully picked up a white piece of paper and folded his widow ). If it turns out that this is not a product, as you say, and the smaller (Yaroslavl folded the paper again in half ), then you tell me the difference in the money brought back. ” And the bank was not only not the same as he described, but in general there a ( Yaroslavsky once again folded the paper, and in his hands was a piece of paper the size of a matchbox ).

He had to return almost all the money and we went for 20 thousand dollars. Rams was very pleased that more had to pay extra not for my moral costs.

– “In the forest,” you have not taken out?

– In the woods? (Laughs.) Well, I had a picnic would take?

– What is the interest in “Ukrsibbank” you have left after the sale of BNP Paribas? Not going to part with it?

– I have 20%. This is sufficient to conduct business. In fact, the French persuaded me to stay and engage in the Ukraine this segment.

– How Ukrsibbank received from the NBU refinancing during the crisis?

– What a penny, if you compare with others.

– Kopeika? According to our information – more than half a billion!

– And that is really big money? Others have received and 4, and 6 billion hryvnia.

– Have to agree on a pullback?

– I’m not participate. There is Sergei Naumov, head of the board Ukrsibbank. I’m on banking matters with anyone not met.

Ярославский и Ющенко. Фото пресс-службы президента

Yaroslavsky and Yushchenko. Photos of the presidential press service

– Do you think the policy of the National Bank was literate?

– I do not comment on the policy of the National Bank. And then we who are not her only comment on – and dental technicians, and janitors! I do not want my comments were not reflected negatively on business. In my case I alone know how to find the right way out of this difficult situation, how would it critical for someone was not.

Want to be a partner only with yourself

– Do you have a few rules that have helped you in life to earn money?

– My main motto is – if something made up his mind, he should go to the end and if you give the word – that should do it. Even if the plan had a negative effect, you have to complete and sign the final documents. Me one more solid partner in the early days of my youth, said: “Sasha, lead the business, so that never had the right to claim for you.”

Today you’re on a wave of success, he spat on the man or treated him down and did not pay. But tomorrow everything can change.

– But many just feel that your partner Igor Kolomoisky all throws. And from it probably will not rule that one should always go to the end, even to the detriment of themselves.

– I would not say so. Although Kolomoisky me once said: “My rule – is the absence of any rules.” But in our relationship has never been such that it is something not done.

– Have you worked with Viktor Pinchuk?

– From Pinchuk? No, never. Where I could work with him?

– Maybe “Kyivstar”?

– Pinchuk was never a shareholder, “Kyivstar”. There was fog but it is to Pinchuk has nothing to do.

– Mist – a brother Ludmila Kuchma?

– Yes. In Tumanov in “Kyivstar” was a tiny fraction.

– How did you get in, “Kyivstar”?

– He founded the Norwegian Telenor. They are looking for investors to Ukraine. My company, which participated in the equity statement, called “Storm.” She owned 10% of the operator. It is this fraction and was sold to Russian group “Alpha”.

– The share of Lazarenko was “Kyivstar”?

– No, Lazarenko, neither Obama nor Bush.

– Why did you leave the mobile phone, because then the market is going up constantly?

– There are already billions of dollars in investments. Indeed, the “exhaust” was also great. But for the private investor is very difficult to speak of such shareholder in the company. Although the market is rapidly growing, needed constant crazy investments. That’s why I left him in 2002. It does not matter 1 000% 000% or 100 I earned. Well earned – thanks, and walked away.

– We touched upon the partnership business. What are you acceptable terms and the share in the affiliate business, you participated in it?

– It is desirable to my 100%. That is to say that I was a partner with myself. (laughs)

Ярославский на стройке стадиона "Металлист"

Yaroslavsky on building the stadium "Metalist"

– You continue to cooperate with Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska?

– I continue to be friends with Mr Deripaska. We had a memorandum of intent to create a company “Strabag Ukraine” together with Austrian Strabag. But after the crisis, I abandoned the idea.

– Do you personally?

– All decisions are made by me. I have no board of directors, supervisory boards. Once, he sat down, thought about it and decided to give up.

– How did you meet with Mr Deripaska?

– On the basis of the aluminum business. He was interested in Nikolaev Alumina Plant, because it was a supplier of raw material for aluminum production. And then we sat on the Nikolaev Alumina. So we met, I had offered him a deal to purchase the plant’s joint.

Bought shares in installments, 30% state share bought for about $ 100 million. When bought the whole factory, I had a 25% stake in the plant’s, Deripaska – the rest.

– But you decided to abandon this area?

– Yes, I sold my share. Because if you do not sit on the full cycle of business, where the point of making a profit?

– He did not offer you a global partnership in the group of “Rusal”, which included the plant’s?

– No, they need big money!

– But now would be a rating of “Forbes”.

– Unknown what it would be. Maybe it would be a slab in the cemetery. You know the parable as a monkey in a zoo eating fruit? Before eating fruit, it breaks down, takes a bone and tries to one place. So that when it starts to swallow the fruit whole, this stone is not jammed.

– In the current environment where you would consider promising to invest money?

– I do not want to make recommendations. After all, look who just had not given them, and after that people have lost fortunes. Of course, I never took the money of others. He was always opposed to gather with partners, and then somewhere to invest.

– you did not take the credit?

– Well, the credits – is another. I took credit, but never collected public money, but before it was fashionable to assemble from all over, and then all of you running around with “trehlineykami.” ( Mosin rifle, also known as the Mosin-Nagant rifle, a rifle and a trilinear trehlineyka, used extensively in the period from 1891 to 1960)

Ярославский и Тимошенко. Фото УНИАН

Yaroslavsky and Timoshenko

– Many talk about agribusiness as promising. How do you assess it?

– I had the agribusiness, when we were doing it with “Itera” at the premiere of Pustovoitenko. Then we made a lot of government contracts for nitrate, and then I ran around and begging for pennies, so we paid for. No, I’m not going to agribusiness …

I have enough areas in order to have something to do. This “Nitrogen”, and DCH, and the four granite quarry, and a glass factory, and Ukrsibbank.

I take my words back about “Metalist

– you are limiting yourself now for something?

– Yes, I limit myself during all his years. For example, I stopped eating sweets.

– In response to the crisis? Maybe it ceases to buy a business? Or players for “Metalist”?

– No, the players we buy. But because of the crisis are not thinking about acquiring some businesses that are going to buy before.

What’s your club “Metalist”? Attribute of a rich man? It’s no secret that Rinat Akhmetov football club “Shakhtar” – not just a hobby, but also a tool to gain public sympathy.

– “Metalist” for me – home club, and no it is not an attribute. Why would I spend so much time on him? Other sports I do not so interesting. However, I still support the rugby (Kharkov rugby club “Olymp”, multiple champion of Ukraine – UP).

– Akhmetov has influenced your decision to do “Metalist”?

– Yes. He’s like a football man knew that only the presence of “Dynamo” and “Shakhtar” – this is not the championship, which could make the team stronger. You see, once I started, “Metalist” immediately “Miner” has won the UEFA Cup!

– you bought the club Vitaly Danilov from BYuT?

– I bought the club in Alexander Feldman (BYuT deputy) somewhere over half a million dollars. Then there came Ernest Galiev and Vitaly Danilov. Galiev simply fled to avoid wasting money.

Then I do not imagine that such a football. First and foremost, I wanted to help find Kharkov team. Until this business does not bring revenue …

– yet?

– Yes, but Rinat (Akhmetov) says that the result will be. He has infected me this optimism. Today, I also think that once it can happen. But in the next 10 years to earn a football just would not be possible.

In terms of investment is unprofitable project. And in parts of the soul, heart and fun – very profitable. I was not interested in football, and now am almost all the games. I once said that “Metalist” – is an expensive toy, but now I take it back. I would not call it a toy, this is a very serious matter.

Ярославский и Ахметов

Yaroslavsky and Akhmetov

– What you need to “Metalist” to get to the “Miner” and “Dynamo” and make them compete? Need to invest more?

– No. This is not a direct correlation that the more you invest, the better team. I believe that the “Dnepr” has invested more than tens of millions of dollars, and the team is the best we have.

– Why do you as president, “Metalist” are against Daniel as head of the Premier League?

– I have nothing against Daniel as a citizen. I am against Daniel as the president of the Premier League. I do not want clubs, including “Metalist” doing loser, loser. Therefore, the presidential elections in the Premier League, I was totally against Daniel – as, indeed, against Rabinowitz. I believe that these people are not able to organize such a serious business project as the Premier League. They are – amateurs.

In addition, the head of the Premier League should not be someone from the club’s president. So I suggest to this post by Sergey Kharchenko, who is one of the few national experts on football management and marketing. (From NC: Kharchenko – Head of the Ukrainian Football Association beach, in the past – the head of the company “Media Sport Promotion “.)

Instead of books I have reports

– Fed up in person to do business? Many of your colleagues already have delegated authority to the board or employed by the top managers.

– You know yourself how many companies ceased to exist. Nobody ever I do not delegate their powers. I’m going for a long time to be in good shape. When I feel that I can not control, then call you, and we think we do next. (Laughs.)

– Then you call his younger brother and say, “Now Control your”?

– No. Why burden the rights? Business – it’s work. The man said “Yes you go! I feel good and live without you.” (Laughs)

Yaroslavsky in his Kiev office

– What time do you wake up in the morning?

– At 6 am. After that, immediately dived into the water. Importantly, when there was – not to stop, go and jump. In Kharkov, in my reservoir, and in Kiev – an indoor pool. But without heating.

– When you stop to dive?

– Do not stop. And in the winter dive, and in the summer. When minus 30, the water just take off!

– What then?

– After that – cross, 6 miles. I’m never on the track not running. Only in the wild – in the woods.

When you hang up on schedule?

– The most comfortable time for me – it is 22:00-22:30. I try not to take part in later events. However, when playing “Metalist”, it refers to the force majeure.

– What are you interested in life than football and business?

– I am generally interested in everything.

– Read a book?

– Now smaller, earlier read more.

– Paintings collect?

– No, do not collect paintings. I do not understand them. Therefore, ape, stand aside, wringing his hands and say “Oh, what a stroke, how the light is!” – It’s not for me. For this we need to be in the seventh, eighth generation connoisseur of things to do in this deal and have fun. Discuss the brush of some impressionist and author of the Renaissance, I can not. I only know a few names.

– What book are you reading now?

– Today is my report.

And yesterday? Last week?

– English poduchivayu quietly. I speak, but I want to improve your conversational level.

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