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Angry boss or a good uncle

The head of Microsoft’s Russian talks about how to lay off employees and how to stomp their feet and scream .

Those who in Soviet times studied psychology, not to forget the horrors of ” professional deformation of bourgeois individuality .” Times these are left behind , but today in RuNet from time to time there are articles that describe a ” deformed professional managers with increased levels of aggression, inadequacy in the perception of people , loss of zest for life and an inability to self-improvement .” Personally, I do not accept any atrocities as in a professional environment , as well as in personal life.

Perhaps even some of the readers of Forbes are committed widespread mistaken belief that every sensible head should be able to shout , stomp their feet and awe to his subordinates . Even if a person is kind and good , but the profession forces .I think that the myth of the relationship in a team is one of the most harmful . As my human and professional experience : there is no more appropriate approach in its relations with employees, than humanity , and all manifestations of aggression and pressure are not allowed.

I can not say I never point out the mistakes , not firing , do not deprive bonuses , do not make the tough decisions . Such actions often occur in the work of any manager . But I always try to separate personal and professional relationships. In addition , the dismissal of an employee is often a blessing for him . And if he could not find himself in the company , does not mean that person is not a professional or that he lacks the zeal and intelligence. Perhaps another company people will be better able to show themselves , to do better and come back to us again , but this time as our client or partner. And if I’m firing people , I always tell him that. I always say it is not for us is not the man himself , and the results of its work , eating they are not compatible with the policy of our company.

The same can be said about the negative assessments , which must specify the head of a particular team member . To criticize a project , or some part of the problem , not the person. It should be noted that this position comes not only from the ethics and humanity , but also out of concern about the effectiveness of the business. The main character traits begin to form from early childhood. Therefore, an attempt to change an adult is doomed to success. Criticism , aggression , condemnation directed toward a particular person, his qualities of character and personality , can lead to deterioration .Every professional manager realizes that his main task is not to change or to teach people, and to find the best use of their professional skills . If the person does not have sufficient motivation or he is not doing its job , it can be transferred to another position to offer him all the options and show all perspectives , to create a situation in which he would be better able to express themselves and improve their results .

Responsibility at work and demands on their employees and themselves is one of the most important corporate values ​​with Microsoft, with which I fully agree. After all, it is unreasonable to require the person that he can not or does not want to do because of the nature of his character and personality. In such a case , or to find other options or dismiss the person, but you should not try to teach him life. Each manager must always remember that people are different . Therefore, do not try to change the staff from within or make them more like themselves .

I believe that discussing human personality – a sign of lack of professionalism , as it is a direct interference in the private life of man. And , as you know , the personal life of a man and the personal because that is not public . You may know about the different events in the lives of employees and support them , but do not give them advice or intervene in matters which are not related to the work . In a sense, this is the reverse side of the coin : on the one hand – the evil boss, on the other – a good adviser , irritating his care and attention. I think it is equally harmful to the business is to do both

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