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Zynga — $ 20 billion in programa

Company Zynga one of the main developers of games for social networks before the IPO recognized that its business largely depends on the Facebook. But the well-known social network, it brings more than 10% of the profits.

Recently Commission on Securities and Exchange Commission United States (The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)) took an application for an IPO of Representatives Zynga. The program for the placement does not specify a price the volume of shares, however, according to the publication The Wall Street Journal, in the near future the company will undoubtedly attract $ 2 billion, and expects to assess a $ 20 billion for 100% of the shares. In February this year when preparing a private placement Zynga was assessed in half the cost — namely the $ 10 billion.

Mark Pincus dog named Zynga has become a symbol of the company

Mark Pincus dog named Zynga has become a symbol of the company

In the event meet the expectations of the company Zynga, the company’s capitalization will be significantly higher than the two biggest traditional game companies Activison Blizzard ($ 13 billion) and Electronic Arts ($ 8 billion).

It is likely that a company can assess Zynga above the “fastest growing companies in the world” — the site of collective discounts Groupon, who filed the documents with the SEC in early June. Founded four years ago, Zynga makes now, as opposed to Groupon, which remains unprofitable. In 2010, its net income amounted to U.S. $ 90 million on revenue of 597 million U.S. dollars. In the first quarter of 2011, its financial performance continues to grow. Compared with last year its revenues increased by another 134%, which amounted to 235 million U.S. dollars.

Quarterly revenue Zynga, 2009-2011 years

Quarterly revenue Zynga, 2009-2011 years

Some of the most successful products of the company Zynga — Town Planning Manager CityVille, farming simulator FarmVille and military strategy of Empires and Allies — are provided to users free of charge. Thus for the money a player can greatly simplify your life gaining for example tractor FarmVille, which would make it profitable to farm on land that is fertile. The acquisition of such virtual goods company Zynga brings approximately 95% of revenue, other revenues come from advertising. 140 million — a monthly audience of Zynga, with the number of paid users for some reason the company did not disclose. Although the number of the latter is a small amount (generally, on the market, the players acquire different virtual goods is approximately about 5%) and Zynga is going to increase the number of such users.

Base business Zynga is the world’s largest network Facebook. This is the main area of ??distribution and promotion of games Zynga, the developer said in a brochure. Even a slight deterioration of relations with the Facebook cause a recession revenue Zynga, which in turn would reduce the value of the shares of the company, which would not have wanted its representatives. It is also worth noting that the infamous depending on Facebook Zynga paid much more attention than, say the company’s competitors or seismic activity in the locations of data centers.

But Facebook is also very interested in Zynga. Owning a company Zynga owns four of the five most popular games in the social network and user activity exceeds the activity of users playing other games more than 15 times combined. About a year ago, the company Zynga has been forced to use to calculate a player’s own virtual currency Facebook — Facebook credits (FC, $ 1 = 10 FC), which forced the developer to transfer the social network 30% of revenues. Over the last year social networking to work, so at least $ 130 million (taking into account only the second half, after fixing the amount of deductions). And in 2010 the company paid Zynga Facebook $ 72 million as one of its biggest partners. This situation has provided 10% of Facebook revenue, which is in the balance of $ 1.86 billion

Of course, Zynga is not averse to reduce dependence on Facebook, thereby strengthening its position in the market of games for mobile gadgets, as well as ahead of its competitors, such as the Rovio and Popcap. Here, the developers recognized that the experience of developing games for social networks may be useless to develop games for other platforms. Upon completion of private placement of shares IPO — Zynga stake will be divided into three classes — A, B and C. Each block of shares will have a different number of votes. And in exchange, the turnover will be only Class A shares, each of which allows only one vote. The current owners and employees of the company Zynga will hold shares of Class B and C, which provide more power. This method of business management characteristic of the majority of IT-companies, it is necessary to a greater extent to reduce the impact of new investors to make decisions.

Founder and CEO, Zynga — Mark Pincus has a 100% voting shares of class C, it also has to its credit 16% of the shares of class B, that is, his word is one of the decisive in the vote.

Recall that Pincus claims to be candidates in the list of billionaires Forbes: if Zynga appreciated as it should be — in the $ 20 billion, its package will cost between $ 3.6 billion business, 11% of the shares of Class B owned venture fund Kleiner Perkins Caufield & ; Byers, and Institutional Venture Partners XII, Avalon Ventures VIII and Foundry Venture Capital in 2007 to have 6.1% shares. But DST Global Yuri Milner and Alisher Usmanov owns 5.8% of shares.

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